Operation Model

Integrated Manufacturing Model and Customized Product Solution

LJV builds upon its precision tooling manufacturing capability in Stamping, Injection Molding, Die-casting, and finished product assembly; that set its position in a full integrated manufacturing model that has been able to extend its product lines to high precision electronic components and products. LJV markets and manufactures its diversified product lines that include Encoders, Potentiometers, Tact Switches, Sensors, automotive connectors, customized products as well as Automation Equipment. This diversification in product offering and full integrated manufacturing capability, positions LJV's strong dedication to provide one stop-shop, cost effective and flexible tailor-made service to our customers.

R&D and Technology

Customer Orientation and Refine on Innovation

LJV constantly focuses on the market trend and customer-oriented requirements. We build upon our research & development as well as the necessary resources in engineering, manufacturing, workmanship and quality control in a strategic manner to accomplish all customized requirements by our down-to-earth (refine on innovation) approach to assure customer highest satisfaction.

R&D NPI (New Product Introduction) Workflow:

Market / Customer Technical Input→Product Feasibility Study→Initiating ER (Engineering Request)→DFMEA→PFMEA→Sample making→Engineering Refine→DVT→Customer approval→Trial run→Mass Production

On-Time-Delivery and Capacity

Efficient Capacity, Well-stable Delivery

With the fully integrated manufacturing solution it offers the flexible within LJV to assure on-time-delivery (OTD) and efficient Capacity to match any customer requirements.

Quality Assurance

All Participation, Industry Specification, Performance-orientation, Quality Satisfaction

1.All Participation: Full participation by the entire organization of LJV is the foundation of successful implementation and continuous improvement of quality management system. It goes from the Top management to determine year-over-year quality PPM goal and to downstream of the organization with the leading responsibility to effectively execute all processes to achieve the set quality goal. We adhere to the requirement on Customer highest expectation, the teams are motived to offer any quality improvement plan and to participate in a constructive way to build better quality management system and for the development of the company.

2.Industry Specifications: The industry specifications are the standard and measure for another successful implementation of the quality system at LJV. We execute through the ISO9001 and TS16949 standard terms and conditions as the criteria, and to combine with customer's specific requirements as well as the company quality PPM goal, these elements build up rigid system manuals for all levels that assure the product quality expectations are met.

3.Performance-orientation: LJV is driven by Key Performance Index (KPI) as a result from the quality system implementation and continuous improvement that reflects the overall result by the organization. The company adopts the“Turtle Diagram” method from perspective of people, machines, materials, methodology, cycle, etc. to analysis and determines processes optimization for the overall quality performance.

4.Quality Service: Quality is not merely reflected on the products itself, it also reflects on the service level. We execute througha comprehensive service chain as one of our core focuses in determination and confidence to assure the overall customer satisfaction.

Service Focus


Found          : June 1996
Licensed     :High and New Technology Enterprise (HNTE)
Product      :Encoders, Potentiometers, Tact Switches,
                       Sensors, Automation Equipment,
                       Customized Products and etc.
Focus          :Integrated manufacturing solution:
                       Tooling, Injection Molding, Stamping,
                       Die-casting, Automation Assembly
Market        :Automotive, Telecom, Internet, Audio,
                       Multi-Media, Walkie-Talkie, House Appliances
                       Medical and Sports Equipment
Aim             :To create values to our customers
Engineering : LJV has over 100 engineers focus on products
                       innovation and obtained over 30 patents in PRC.
QS               :LJV certified in ISO 9001; ISO 14001 and TS 16949
                       as well as ROHS compliance.
Capability   :30,000 sqm manufacturing base; Employee: 1,000