Company Vision

Vision: Be the Most Valuable Strategic Partner in the Global Electronics Industry

The company vision of LJV is to be the most valuable strategic Partner in the global electronics industry. We position ourselves to participate in the forming of industry standards in relative products and participate in new product technical innovation. We live up to the historic opportunity that the times have given us and will position ourselves to reach technological innovation to lead the current industry.

Our Mission

Mission: Create the most value for Customers, Business Partners and our Employees

To be Customer-oriented is the prime strategic focus at LJV. The teams challenge themselves at all times to provide the most competitive solution in product offering and service level to our customers. LJV works closely with all business partners continuously improving the value chain through our supply chain management. Talent is another focus of the company. We offer growing opportunity and well-established company culture to our employees. Creating value for customers, business partner and employees is our focused mission of LJV.

Our Values

Values: Complete each matter attentively, Treat everyone with sincerity

To constantly provide excellent product and service to the customer, as well as to create most values for employees.  The company's theme is "Completes each matter attentively and Treat everyone with sincerity". Passion at work, integrity to customers, and to be willing to help others are the key values at LJV. We rise up to the challenge by focusing and insisting on discipline with oneself, product innovation, speed and flexibility, service to assure values are being created to our customers, business partners and employees.

Business Philosophy

Philosophy: Customer First, Employee Commitment, Mutual Achievement

Serving the customer is the primary value of the company. LJV is driven by technology, quality, service and cost effectiveness to assist our customers to be able to develop their own competitiveness, maximize their profitability, and to achieve their company's growth objective. The LJV teams build upon respect, trust, passion, belief, collaboration, compassion, harmony, creativity, aggressiveness, persistence and social responsibility. We work in an aggressive manner to assure highest mutual achievement between customer, business partner and the social sectors.

Company Culture

Culture: Sustainable Innovation, Passion to Win, Team Collaboration

Sustainable innovation is the source of LJV's survival; we are committed to continuous focusing on improvement and innovation in product technology, market expansion, flexible organization, KPI measure and day-to day management to achieve the development and growth objective of the company. The LJV teams confront all difficulties and challenges to eliminate obstacles, and by collaborating based upon the mutual trust and passion to win working attitude that become a solid function of the LJV's rich companyculture. The team collaboration empowers the value in cooperation that allows us to work efficiently and effectively, and to be competitive in the market space.

Company Events
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