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LJV Group's "2018 Annual Management Team Initiation Meeting" Conference- Platforms Re-build

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   LJV Group's "2018 Annual Management Team Initiation Meeting" Conference- Platforms Re-build

   Time flies, at the end of 2017, we ushered the new year 2018! On January 19th, LJV group of "2018 year management team start conference" was held in Shenzhen Dameisha Kingkey Sheraton Hotel, the conference set the theme as "reconstruction platform", under  Mr. Jiang Xilin, President of the group  leadership , all divisions of get together with a total of ninety people to review the growth process along the way, not only the meeting is a summary report on the work of the past year, more in-depth analysis of major strategic planning and implementation of the work, a clear direction of development in the next five years and the goal, common global view!


   The meeting was chaired by Mr. Jiang Xilin, President of the group, accompanied by bursts of applause, President Jiang Xilin came to the conference opening speech together with attendee to review the "management team meeting" in 2017, delivered "2018 year management team initiation meeting" agenda, and handing out gifts for participants, He highly affirmed the achievements made by the all business departments of the group in the first half of the year, We hope that in the future work, we will make persistent efforts, cooperate and win together, and advance together with the large ship of the group.


   The meeting officially began. Firstly, Zhang Youxiong, the chief financial officer, carried out the “sales management” summary and annual work report of the company, and explained the introduction of the group “sales management” meeting and the standard cost, and concisely analyzed the key data indicators of the group. According to the analysis, he pointed out that the introduction of standard cost is crucial to the development of the company. It can improve the management of enterprises, increase the efficiency of enterprises, and raise the awareness of the cost of all employees.


   Guo Zhixin, the general manager of the First Division, explained the key indicators data of the First Business Division and the roadmap of the next three years, introduced the development of new products and enhanced production models, and shared the introduction of well-known customers.


   Xu Zhigang, communications and electronics manager, shared and introduced the product positioning, market distribution, new challenges and key indicators encountered, and gave a profound explanation on how to implement the accuracy of the “marketing” forecasting mechanism.


   The general manager of the third division, Ruan Wusheng, shared the key indicators of the third division with the family members present, the product market distribution and positioning, and the current OEM production model. Based on the sales route target of the next three years, the third division was introduced in detail. In the future, we will shift to ODM production model that focuses on independent research and development.


   After two hours of intense meetings, the coffee break time arrived and the family members began to relax on Dameisha Beach. They fully demonstrated their vitality.


   After a half-hour break, everyone took a seat and began to continue the agenda. Huang Weiru, the manager of hardware products division, took into consideration the internal and external challenges faced by him and conducted a detailed analysis of product positioning, market distribution, and future sales routes of the department. He selflessly shared the experience that he has accumulated in the face of the challenge, providing valuable experience for the managers present.


   Lu Weihua, general manager of the fifth division made a detailed interpretation of the current industry's major competitors, future challenges and market conditions, from the introduction and development of new products, improve the current product line, the introduction and stability of new processes, packaging The development of materials and other aspects share key data indicators, product positioning and future sales routes with family members.


   Tao Jianbo, manager of Linyuan Electronics, gave a profound explanation of the company's product positioning with five categories: target market, sales, quality, price, and team. He shared a wonderful understanding of the challenges encountered and future prospects.


   After the sharing of the heads of business divisions, Mr. Jiang Xilin, president of the Group, released a simple and beautiful group PPT template for the 2018 edition. The theme of the conference was "Thinking, Innovating, Understanding, Way, Learning, Reorganization". "Restructuring" was introduced in detail. He said that in the future, the company will take the business strategy level, product development level, marketing layout level, management mode level, and team development level as the starting point to deepen the reconstruction of the platform with points and share with family members. The Group will follow the sales route for the next five years and set a small target of 10 billion after five years.


   In the end, the group president Jiang Xilin made a summary of this meeting. He focused on the annual themes such as “brand remodeling, 5S upgrading, data reinforcement, and platform reconstruction”, and established direction for each business department, fully summing up the various items of the past year. Based on the development of the work, the goal of "high starting point, high demand, high efficiency" was put forward. He pointed out that exceeding customer expectations is the magic weapon for our invincible position. The future of the enterprise will mainly rely on new elements of information, knowledge and technology, relying on innovation to obtain comparative advantages and core competitiveness to obtain profits. We only adapt to the times and transform the brand new The way of thinking, transform itself, accelerate the transformation and upgrading, speed up the pace of shifts, based on products, do a good job brand. Continually integrate resources, seek development in innovation, step forward in the process of change, plan and deploy deeply, and in the future, make unremitting efforts and efforts through the concerted efforts of the company, continuously optimize the management level, and strengthen market operation methods. LJV Group is a large ship Will be able to sail away, while voice falls, the venue bursts with warm applause.


   At the end of the meeting, all the family members were full of thanksgiving and filled with hope. The convening of this meeting marked that the LJV Group was about to embark on a new stage. We believe that under the leadership of Mr. Jiang Xilin, president of the Group, and with the joint efforts of all departments, with the active participation of all staff, the Group will surely have a brighter future, together with the company's new glory in the next five years, ten in 2022. Billion!


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