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LJV Group's "2018 Annual Management Team Initiation Meeting" activities - releasing emotions, being close to nature, traveling with the sea

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   LJV Group's "2018 Annual Management Team Initiation Meeting" activities - releasing emotions, being close to nature, traveling with the sea

   The meeting in the morning was intense and busy. After sharing and summarizing of the heads of all business units of the LJV Group, Mr. Jiang Xilin, president of the Group, concluded the meeting and the meeting successfully concluded.


   At one o'clock noon, everyone was obviously hungry. In order to allow the participating families to have a wonderful experience, the group prepared a hearty buffet lunch for everyone at the hotel.


   In order to enrich the amateur cultural life of participants, cultivate their sentiments and ease the pressure of work, so that everyone can relax and enjoy the scenery of nature during their busy work. It also thanked the participants for their unremitting efforts for the development of the group, and enhanced the exchanges and communication between family members, giving everyone a chance to completely relax. The Group meticulously organized and planned a special outdoor development activity - the Yantian seaside walk along the boardwalk. The walking route started from the Pipa Point, followed by walking backwards, passing Xiaomeisha and Dameisha Moon Square, and finally arriving at Yantian Seafood Street. , full-length about 12 kilometers.


   After a meal, all the family arrived at the hotel on time at 14:30 to gather. Although the weather is not very good at this time, the temperature is very low, but everyone is still enthusiastic.


   After a period of time, all the staff arrived at the starting point of the trekking journey, and after taking a group photo, they started today's hiking. Hiking is a flexible and free way for young and old. In the process of playing, they relaxed their feelings, relieved pressure, increased communication, and deepened friendship.


   This group of hiking trips is divided into 8 groups, which are composed of 6 divisions plus Lin Yuan and the Finance Department. Along the mountains and the sea, the cliff path is surrounded by green hills. The sea below is full of rough seas. The stone walls are crystal clear and there is no pollution. The water surface is like a mirror, and even a beautiful shadow can be reflected. There is a kind of quiet and tranquility different from the city. ,Enjoy natural oxygen bar in Green mountains and blue seas, enjoy beauty and enjoy health. Along the way, everyone exchanged their feelings with each other, to feel comfortable, or to walk lightly, or to stop and go, to record the people around them and the beautiful scenery with their mobile phones.


   Although in the winter, the mountains beside the plank road are still lush and contrast with the sea. The people involved in the walk are full of energy and their faces are full of joyous smiles. They breathe the fresh air outdoors while enjoying the sea and they are rarely together. The family members walked and talked with each other, and they were full of joy. They talked about life, work, life, ideals and many other topics. The atmosphere was very lively and relaxed. There were always happy laughters, and the laughter drifted over the coastal plank road. It not only embodies the spirit of active participation and courageous struggle, but also reflects the harmonious atmosphere of our solidarity and fraternity.


   During the several hours of seaside trekking, though hard and exhausting, no one stopped to give up. In the end, all the participating family members arrived at the end of Yantian Seafood Restaurant Street, and the walk along the cliff path was successfully completed.


   This seaside trekking activity organically combines exercise with sightseeing tours and team development activities. It not only exercises willpower and physique, but also enhances LJV's team spirit and communication. We believe that in the future, the LJV Group will go further and further under the joint efforts of the president Mr. Jiang Xilin and the LJV team. In the next five years, it will reach a new height and achieve the target of 10 billion in advance!


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