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LJV January staff birthday barbecue party - Hold your stomach, barbecue

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   LJV January staff birthday barbecue party - Hold your stomach, barbecue

   In order to express appreciation and thanks for the long-term hard work of LJV person, adhering to the concept of “sincerely treating everyone”, every LJV person is given a relaxing moment of work. The company organized a colorful birthday barbecue party for family members who had their birthday in January. On January 27th, along with all the laughter, the birthday stars drove to the Nanmenshan Park barbecue site. Here, the birthday stars bless their colleagues, bless themselves more and feel the warmth and love that the company brings.


   After finishing one days work, our staff packed up and came to the barbecue area in advance. And start to grilling, washing dishes, skewing dishes, placing dishes, and firing, and everything goes very smooth.


   The total number of longevity stars is divided into five groups. Each group of members is surrounded by barbecue pits, some use fans and some are ignited. Everyone joins in a concerted effort. Charcoal fires quickly and the barbecue is officially opened.


   What is commendable is that some family members, who do not cook at home at ordinary times, roast their hands and are rich in flavor. When they have just baked, they have been robbed for a while. The family who had not baked the food, they are also very busy. They shuttled between the various groups and tasted the "bunch" of each group, sharing the food experience with everyone. Everyone enjoyed a pleasant chat, while enjoying the joy of food, and some people teamed together to open the black and played the glory of the king. From time to time, happy laughter came and lingered in the barbecue.


   After the highlight of the activity, the candlelight and birthday cakes were ready, and birthday songs were sung. Everyone gave their birthday wishes to the birthday stars. However, the happy time is always pass quickly. After eating delicious cakes, colorful barbecue activities are nearing the end. In the reluctant, this Birthday barbecue finishes perfectly.


   Congratulations to all family members on this birthday: Happy Birthday, good health, good work, and happiness! And you have worked hard in the big family of LJV. We hope that every family can feel that the company brings you the true love...2018 Let's go together.


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