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LJV EPB Micro Switch Introduction(二)

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   LJV EPB Micro Switch Introduction(二)

   EPB Micro Switch Functional characteristics and operarting introduction.


   LJV automobile EPB micro switch characteristics as below:

   1.Using one push botton switch could replace traditional parking brake and release function.

   2.In the course of driving,also could use a EPB push botton switch to replace foot brake.  

   3.When the car is normal or suddenly flameout,which the car automatically open the parking brake and down the handbrake. If the engine is not rekindled again, the effect will not be eliminated.

   4.Starting a car, when the driver stepped on the brakes and hung up, car's parking effect would automatically lifted.

   5.When engine finished ignition, the car could open the constraint mode to protect the children automatically.Doesn’t  need to step down the brake pedal.

   6.If the car electronic parking system is power off and the effect of the parking is disappearing, additional professional tools can be provided to maintain the parking brake.


   LJV automobile EPB micro switch operarting introduction as below:

   The electronic automatic parking brake system is a kind of integrated car temporary driving brake and long time parking brake function and controlled by electronic switch. The electronic brake control is similar to traditional which all use cable to pull the back wheel,another one use motor to clamp the brake. Extended from the basic braking electronic handbrake to automatic parking function of the whole car,so the driver does not need to step on the brakes for a long time to avoid tire in temporary parking. At the same time, when the electronic automatic parking function is opened, it can also prevent car slipping.When you start  ramp,.The tradition electronic park system need to use hand brake,foot brake,separation and reunion,accelerograph to operating.But the electronic automatic parking system through the slope, hand brake, foot brake, separation and reunion,accelerograph each part's sensor to feedback information and provide accurate parking. When the driving force is greater than the driving resistance, the system will automatically release the parking brake and make the car start smoothly.


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